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Polar rock ore sample application guide

According to the State Oceanic Administration's polar study Office promulgated administrative rules on the implementation of the China polar rock and mineral samples (for trial implementation), polar rock and mineral samples are mainly used for scientific research, education, popularization of science applications, qualified personnel and institutions can app...

China's polar expedition samples and data management

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List of the third session of the Committee of experts on Antarctic meteorites in China

On May 26, 2011, the third session of the Committee of experts on Antarctic meteorites after a preliminary discussion, employ the following experts "Working Group on Antarctic meteorite classification", "Antarctic meteorite sample review group".

List of the third session of the Committee of expe...

Full-text downloads: Antarctic meteorite recovery, preservation of samples and sample preparation procedures

Chinese Antarctic meteorite collection, preservation and preparation (for trial implementation) The principle of First Chinese Antarctic scientific expedition meteorite field project and laboratory sample handling, reference to these provisions. Second meteorite collection, preservation and ...

Full-text downloads: Antarctic meteorites classification standards and specifications

Antarctic meteorite classification specifications (for trial implementation) General principles of First article this specification by the Committee of experts on Antarctic meteorites (hereinafter referred to as "the Committee") is responsible for formulating and modifying. From the release date of implementation,...

Download: China's management of the Antarctic meteorite samples, applications and use regulations

Under Chinese management, application and use of Antarctic meteorites Pilot General provisions First by national Antarctic programmes from State collecting meteorite samples in Antarctica. Samples of these meteorites are mainly used for scientific research, education and popular science purposes. Artic...

Arctic sediments : refers to the establishment of the China Polar Research Center (hereinafter referred to as "polar") and authorized body composed of sediment samples library. Library for Polar Polar Centre sediments sediments in the specified repository.

Polar sample resource sharing platform (hereinafter referred to as "resources") is hosted by the China Polar Research Center, Chinese Academy of...

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