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Published at: 2016-12-28

Polar ice core sample emergency plan. docx

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Download full text of polar samples resource sharing Council Constitution The first chapter 总则

Polar exploration samples and specimens obtained by national organization is part of the national natural resources of science and technology, the polar exploration of participating units and their staff are open and rational use, preservation of samples samples share of responsibility, strengthen overall...

Polar sample descriptors for common resources First, the introduction Samples and specimens are polar polar natural science and technology resources, both in General describes the content and used two large differences. Polar rock and mineral, polar biology, polar organisms and meteorites in Antarctica polar specimens in the national platform for natural science and technology resources, such as r...

Published at: 2006-08-29

Download: descriptors for Polar snow and ice samples Descriptors for Polar snow and ice samples First, General provisions

Descriptors are not related to snow and ice samples has been developed in the eight categories of natural science and technology resources, based on characteristics of snow and ice samples and uses a standardized process and describes the specifications, lay the Foundation for s...

Snow and ice samples of China Polar Research Center Library

Management system

1. Possession of polar snow and ice samples by this library are extremely valuable research materials, used only for scientific research.

2. The day-to-day management of the library (including sample registration, storage, network, return of information queries, stored procedures, and so on), the administrator is responsibl...

Full-text downloads: Arctic biological specimens specimens in and out of the library, borrowing requirements

China's management of the Antarctic rock and mineral samples, applications and terms of use

General principles of

First rock and mineral samples collected from the Antarctic in China are State-owned. Antarctic rock and mineral samples will be used for purposes of scientific research, education...

Polar rock and mineral specimen characterization data reporting specifications The attribute specification is in accordance with the descriptors for natural science and technology resources in common (for trial implementation) of the provisions and requirements of, and rock and mineral specimens set by practical features. Polar rock and mineral resources please in strict accordance with the provis...

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