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Meteorite in Korea ( Korea Curation of Antarctic Met eorites , KOREAMET ) is located in the Republic of Korea Polar Research Institute ( KOPRI ), now owned 112 pieces of meteorites collected in Victoria land, East Antarctica, countries meteorites, researchers can apply for permission to use website: https://koreamet. kopri. Re ... KR/loan .

Contact: Changkun Park , changkun@kopri.re.kr

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Published at: 2017-06-01
Published at: 2017-04-13

When we look up at the stars, and often dazzling shooting stars across the night sky like a Flash, they are the guests from far away universe deep space, carrying the rich universe of information entering the Earth's atmosphere. Without burning out of them falling to the surface, is the cosmic deep space science gift for humankind's most precious-meteorite. As the goddess of program development, C...

Wang Ruidan, Deputy Director of speech

Wang Xiaoquan, Deputy Director of speech

General Assembly site

February 23-24th, specimens of a two-day first session of the national resource sharing platform-building workshop was held in the Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences. This meeting chaired by the national sample-sharing platform sponsored by the Institute of Botany, specimens of national...

We are pleased to announce that the Korea Polar Research Institute (KOPRI) is now accepting applications for the Asian Polar Science Fellowship Program 2017.

The fellowship program is designed to promote Asian research collaboration in an attempt to provide future generation polar researchers with networking opportunities. It also encourages both early-career and already established polar scientist...

Published at: 2017-02-20

Stay tuned for special plan of the blue dream. On September 26, 2016, the seventh Chinese national Arctic research expedition after 78 days, 13,000 miles of a long voyage, the successful completion of the tasks, take the "Snow Dragon" polar research vessel the Arc de Triomphe. In the Arctic, the low temperature high intensity like a big mountain, blocked a lot of female subjects "war" idea, but in...

Published at: 2017-02-15

Dates: 10 July - 14 July 2017 STATUS Venue: Leuven, Belgium Contact person: Marie-Laure Bettens, SCAR2017@kuleuven.be Website: http://www.scarbiology2017.org/

The main theme for the XIIth SCAR Biology Symposium is " Scale Matters ".  From the small molecular scale, through population and large ecosystem scale, biological processes and diversity span all these levels.  Understanding these processes...

Published at: 2017-02-06

Quantarctica by the Norwegian Polar Institute (NPI) developed and led a group of geographic data sets, it free for non-commercial use of the software in use. This software is designed to research, education and action through the offline functionality to explore the Antarctic region. Current version is collecting data from data centers around the world's second release package.

This is the user use...

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