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Published at: 2015-12-09

At the dawn of the new year, sincerely thanks for the past year, China polar Data Centre supported and contributed to the work, so as to wish you all a happy new year.

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May 2015, 25-26th polar expedition Office of Oceanography in Guilin University organized the third meeting of the third session of the Committee of experts on Antarctic meteorites in China, from research institutes, universities and management agencies, such as the 15 representatives attended the meeting.

All the participants listened to the Committee of experts on Antarctic meteorites in China Ins...

For strengthening on polar deposition real samples of effective management, improve samples of using quality and efficiency, promote China polar science samples resources of full shared and can continued using, maximum benefits to play samples of role, ensure "North-South very environment integrated study and evaluation" special of smooth implementation, according to China polar deposition real sa...

On June 18, 2015, the Ministry of science and technology national science and technology basic conditions platform Center Director Lu Fan business line 7 to the national resource sharing resource sharing platform---polar specimens specimens platforms, countries---polar Earth system science data sharing platform of scientific data sharing platform research focal point of China Polar Research Center...

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State Oceanic Administration Director Liu Cigui (middle) and research players shook hands. Reporter Huang ran's photography

Figure for the welcoming ceremony. Reporter Huang ran's photography

On April 8, the 28th Antarctic expedition successfully completed the survey task, take the "Snow Dragon" polar research vessels, the Arc de Triomphe. SOA and the Shanghai Government held a welcoming ceremony at...

New "Snow Dragon", March 30, (reporter Ruan Yulin) 28th Chinese Antarctic scientific expedition team take the "Snow Dragon" returned on March 30 at about 4 o'clock in the morning, crossed the Equator northern hemisphere. 30th morning of xuelong ship through the equatorial waters, weather is gloomy, and it began to rain, large sea waves.

28th Chinese Antarctic scientific expedition ship "Snow Dragon...

Provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities, separately listed cities along the coast of the Marine Department (Bureau), the relevant marine units, are all: As encouraging marine scientific and technological innovation, reward in ocean science and technology innovation and the scientific and technological achievements into collectives and individuals who have made outstanding contribution, mobil...

In order to better implement the platform running the service, held March 21, 2012 in railway building work Conference and complete the deployment process for the Conference, on March 23, 2012, Chinese Academy of Sciences plant specimens of national resource sharing platform work was held. Platform leaders participating in the Conference and the representative of the platform. The heads or represe...

March 7-8 day, polar sample resource sharing platform (hereinafter referred to as " BIRDS ") 2012 years running service meeting was held in Qingdao, Shandong province, Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute (hereinafter referred to as "marine") was held. Delegates from Ocean, polar center and 5 head of thematic platforms and related experts.

Meeting by marine by Wang Shaoqing researcher presided ove...

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