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16th annual meeting second circular-Chinese society of Mineralogy and Petrology geochemistry. PDF

Translated By Machine.

Published at: 2016-12-07

Translated By Machine.

Production samples of Antarctic meteorites

Researchers microscope observation of achondrite meteorites in Antarctica

2016 In December, by the Polar Research Institute of China to the International Antarctic meteorites meteorite Nomenclature Committee ( Meteorite Nomenclature Committee )申报的 Grove mountains, Antarctica 246 meteorites get "international status 证 ” 。 At present, this group of meteorites...

When the 2009 Antarctic expedition, Miao Bingkui found a large meteorite.

In 2002, the Miao Bingkui in Antarctica field rest en route, in front of a piece of ice. Work here is in crisis.

Across into a small conference room at the Office, Miao Bingkui (middle) and student discussion.

Miao Bingkui is a legendary person. He went to the South Pole three times, and collected a large number of meteorites i...

Sediment sample site

To strengthening on polar deposition real samples of effective management, improve samples of using quality and efficiency, promote China polar science samples resources of full shared and can continued using, maximum benefits to play samples of role, ensure "North-South very environment integrated study and evaluation" special of smooth implementation, according to China polar...

Ouyang Ziyuan, academician of (right), academician He Jishan (second from left), Professor Jie Qinglin (second from right), Professor Xiong Bin (left) inaugurated

Since November 2011 national sample of national science and technology basic conditions platform platform (NSII) one of the samples of polar resources sharing platform (BIRDS) was the first since establishment of the Ministry of science a...

Published at: 2016-10-30

Annex is planned next year 4 月 18-21 Day academic conference, first held in Xian notifications.

Conference total 20 Themes, which 19 A theme " The formation and evolution of the Moon — New knowledge base Yu Change works ”。 Chinese Lunar Exploration Program will be implemented next year Lunar sample collection and return, return lunar samples is the science of Mineralogy and Petrology-geochemistry I...

Jilin Museum staff packed exhibition meteorite samples

Meteorite samples weighing

The meteorite samples photographed

2016 年 8 Months, Jilin city museum Holding " the Jilin meteorite rain " fall of 40 anniversary of the event, for the spreading of culture of meteorites, science into meteorites, meteorite cultural exchanges play a positive role, particularly in the polar online application meteorite sp...

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