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Published at: 2017-02-15

Dates: 10 July - 14 July 2017 STATUS Venue: Leuven, Belgium Contact person: Marie-Laure Bettens, SCAR2017@kuleuven.be Website: http://www.scarbiology2017.org/

The main theme for the XIIth SCAR Biology Symposium is " Scale Matters ".  From the small molecular scale, through population and large ecosystem scale, biological processes and diversity span all these levels.  Understanding these processes...

On February 1, the expedition members and captains and pilots in the "Snow Dragon", top deck for a photo. Bullseye glass written on the ship berthing position latitude, visible in the distance the Ross ice shelf. 33rd Chinese Antarctic scientific expedition aboard the "Snow Dragon" vessel's expedition into the latitude 78 ° 41 ' waters of the Ross Sea. This is the "Snow Dragon", reached the highes...

Published at: 2017-02-20

Stay tuned for special plan of the blue dream. On September 26, 2016, the seventh Chinese national Arctic research expedition after 78 days, 13,000 miles of a long voyage, the successful completion of the tasks, take the "Snow Dragon" polar research vessel the Arc de Triomphe. In the Arctic, the low temperature high intensity like a big mountain, blocked a lot of female subjects "war" idea, but in...

16th annual meeting second circular-Chinese society of Mineralogy and Petrology geochemistry. PDF

Translated By Machine.

Xinhua News Agency, Shanghai, April 12 (reporters Zhang Jiansong and Zhu Ji and)-reporter from the 12th meeting of the 32nd Antarctic press conference was informed that, in the Antarctic, "treasure-house of Grove mountains," discovery 630 meteorites, Antarctic meteorites in China has reached 12665, second only to Japan and the United States.

Antarctic meteorites in China has the world's third


Published at: 2016-10-30

Annex is planned next year 4 月 18-21 Day academic conference, first held in Xian notifications.

Conference total 20 Themes, which 19 A theme " The formation and evolution of the Moon — New knowledge base Yu Change works ”。 Chinese Lunar Exploration Program will be implemented next year Lunar sample collection and return, return lunar samples is the science of Mineralogy and Petrology-geochemistry I...

2016 years 7 months 9 days polar exploration Office of State Oceanic Administration organized the fifth in Qingdao polar deposits of China Committee of experts and the "Polar Sea: change-environmental evolution in the past with observation" seminar from the State Oceanic Administration of the first, second and third Research Institute of Tongji University and other colleges and universities and po...

"Twelve-Five" scientific and technological innovation achievements fair held in Beijing Exhibition Center from June 1, 2016 to June 7, the exhibition "innovation-driven development, science and technology leading the future" as the theme, focusing on showing "Twelve-Five" since the science and technology innovation in China's major scientific and technological achievements and made important progr...

On May 14, the Ocean Research Institute, the society of Limnology, CAs held the 12th public science day, zero-distance experience over more than 3,000 city public charm marine science and technology. Meanwhile, marine "Science" marine science research vessel and deep-sea scientific research achievements, participated in the opening ceremony of the national science and technology week activity at h...

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