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On May 14, the Ocean Research Institute, the society of Limnology, CAs held the 12th public science day, zero-distance experience over more than 3,000 city public charm marine science and technology. Meanwhile, marine "Science" marine science research vessel and deep-sea scientific research achievements, participated in the opening ceremony of the national science and technology week activity at h...

2016 年 4 月 1 日 Participated in the South, the Arctic expedition of Tao Zhenyue researcher / Dr Qingdao Beechwood Park school second-grade students and their parents amounted to 60 More than people do has one "mystery of North-South very" of topic report, on North-South very of location, and climate, and resources, especially marine of type and the resources for has detailed described, magic charmi...

为了 To strengthen the implementation of Polar sample-sharing platform (hereinafter BIRDS Platform) annual work The requirements of running a service-oriented platform, 2016 年 4 月 27 At the Polar Research Institute of China B601 室,召开 2016 Year platform Working Conference of the year. Polar Research Institute of China Zhang Jie, head of the project engineer, Guilin University of technology topics Pro...

Polar specimens resources shared platform, in April 22 geomechanical Institute ( rock mine library) in Beijing carried out subsection 47 a world Earth Day theme activities, activities during on polar specimens resources shared platform for has poster science publicity, and displayed has you by know and unknown of Antarctic topic pictures exhibition, and polar rock mine specimens library of part sa...

2016 years 3 months, 25 days , stuffed animal resource sharing platform 2016 year inception workshop and technical training in the Chinese Academy of Sciences's Institute of Zoology E112 room. National animal curator Qiao Chen, head, animal specimens, a researcher at resources sharing platform researcher, as well as their topic heads, platforms, mainly technical staff, totaling 31 persons particip...

News Agency, Nanjing, April 6 (Xinhua Zhu Xiaoying) National Astronomical Observatory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Nanjing Institute of astronomical optics and technology 6th said, used in Antarctic Zhongshan station, China's first optical telescopes-"bright star Sky Survey Telescope in Antarctica" (BSST) light, shoot to the cuckoo shining bright star clusters, and formally put into obser...

Experts and peers!

The fourth session of the General Assembly officially opened online registration system of Earth system science, may now login Conference website: http://www.Cess.org.CN/ sign up for meeting, conference abstracts, Conference registration fees, has representative sites participated in the last session of the meeting, you can use the original user ID and password login system.


32nd Chinese Antarctic scientific expedition team to the Antarctic continent Princess Elisabeth region conducted a large-scale survey, explore the bottom of the Antarctic ice sheet in the field for the first time the surface of the Earth's largest canyons. Some ice-covered areas due to the remoteness of East Antarctica, is so far the human knew at least one of the. Scientists in recent years by me...

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