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Antarctic meteorites and the Moon's "collision"-----Defense Science and Industry Council Lunar and space engineering research center of the China Antarctic meteorite research
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The following article by Microsoft automatic machine translation.

When we look up at the stars, and often dazzling shooting stars across the night sky like a Flash, they are the guests from far away universe deep space, carrying the rich universe of information entering the Earth's atmosphere. Without burning out of them falling to the surface, is the cosmic deep space science gift for humankind's most precious-meteorite. As the goddess of program development, China increasingly concerned about public awareness of astronomy. Meteorite is the best scientific resources to study the universe. China's Antarctic expedition was one of the biggest bright spot is the discovery and recovery of a large number of precious meteorites. Through the meteorite display, can inform the public about popularization of solar system formation and evolution, astrochemistry, Earth's history and future of science and knowledge, reveals to the public scientific rigour and beauty, as well as the mysterious meteorite culture through the ages.

Antarctic meteorite ever found on Earth become the most concentrated area, my State meteorite recovered from the Antarctic samples, preservation, management, and sharing by the China Polar Research Center. China Polar Research Center built has as BIRDS entity library one of Antarctic meteorite samples library, currently preserved China from Antarctic Grove Mountain area found of all 12665 block meteorite, organization domestic related research institutions cooperation carried out meteorite based classification work (also said "digital" work), and by international practice and standard program to international meteorite learned meteorite named Committee declared, to get meteorite samples of " ID card ". State Oceanic Administration set up the Committee of experts on Antarctic meteorites, China enacted include the management of the Antarctic meteorite samples, application and use of Ordinance 8 a normative document, promote and facilitate the Antarctic meteorite samples in scientific research and science education and other aspects of shared use.

Defense Science and Industry Council probe and Astronautical Engineering Center is organizing the implementation of China's Chang fifth mission, will be responsible for the management of the mission collected samples. 2017 years 3 months, 22 days, Defense Science and Industry Council Center for Lunar and space engineering technology department Anissa Wong, Yang Ruihong row 2 in Shanghai and national infrastructure platform for the polar sample sharing platforms (BIRDS ) Head of research talks, combined with progress management of meteorites in China in recent years, both on the management of samples, including the working mechanisms of the Commission of experts, sample storage, classification, preparation, application sharing and other aspects of a thorough discussion, Antarctic meteorite and lunar samples in Shanghai for the first time the "collision". Both sides agreed the investigation as an opportunity to develop deeper business cooperation, for the development of meteoritics and planetary science provide samples of the real to help the Moon and deep space exploration strategy scientific research and popularization of the project .

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The March 30, 2017

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