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Fell in love with the Arctic sea
Published at: 2017-02-20     Visited: 121


The following article by Microsoft automatic machine translation.

Stay tuned for special plan of the blue dream. On September 26, 2016, the seventh Chinese national Arctic research expedition after 78 days, 13,000 miles of a long voyage, the successful completion of the tasks, take the "Snow Dragon" polar research vessel the Arc de Triomphe. In the Arctic, the low temperature high intensity like a big mountain, blocked a lot of female subjects "war" idea, but in the expedition's 128 players, has 11 female players, Ocean University of China Cao young teachers and those 11, only female players to participate in all ice station jobs.

Since returning from the North Pole, Cao has been with students, sharing the expedition experience.

39, Cao was born in Heilongjiang, grew up on a mysterious and vast ocean, with infinite yearning. In 1996, 18 Cao took the Ocean University of Qingdao, which is now the Ocean University of China. From then on, she was closely connected with the sea.

Ocean University of marine and atmosphere College teachers Cao: 2005 began, I began do doctoral, research of direction is Arctic, on has been wants to to see a see, because around of senior brother, including graduate, are to Arctic see had has, and mentor also often said, if has opportunities words, must to to see about, has may this once experience, will change Outlook on life, and worldview.

After becoming a PhD student, Cao Arctic map every day, dealing with all kinds of data in the Arctic Ocean. To set foot on the North Pole, collecting valuable data, met the gorgeous light and cute polar bears in the Arctic, has become her dreams. Nothing is impossible to a willing heart, 11 years later, Cao dream finally came true in the heart of the Arctic.

Ocean University of marine and atmosphere College teachers Cao: into Arctic Hou, is in latitude 70 ° around, on began saw ice has, that ice is floating in sea Shang of, has various of form, and ice does not like we imagine of, are is is white is white that, some ice melting has, will in turn, we on saw ice end of has many plankton in above.

Saw the Arctic sea ice, thrilled with Cao. Because she knows that this closer and closer to his dream of exploring the Arctic. Mention the expedition, Cao most look forward to is "walking the dog" says "dog" is in fact a ground-penetrating radar to measure ice thickness.

Ocean University of marine and atmosphere College teachers Cao: we are know, now is global variable warm, in global variable warm of this background Xia, Arctic variable warm of speed more big, and range also more big, performance out of is temperatures increased, is sea ice of thickness and area are reduced, that we on wants to see about, sea ice of thickness what reduced has how many.

This time, Cao in the Arctic, "walking the dog" is 7 ice station. Among them, including 6 short ice station and one long-term ice stations. "Walking the dog" before she needs and her partner on the sea ice, lay off dozens of square meters of area, then assembling on ground-penetrating radar and parameter correction. Although it was summer in the Arctic, but ice station, the temperature reached more than 10 degrees below zero, Cao took off his gloves action is required. To get less while frozen, Cao assembled movements become faster.

Ocean University of China School of marine and atmospheric teacher Cao: the first time, are relatively unskilled, spent a long time later, (how long the first time? ) It took a few minutes for the first time, but soon, more than 10 minutes to complete.

The so-called "walking the dog" is the need for radar display five kilogram strapped to his body, holding more than 10 kg heavy equipment behind, in sea-ice area delineation well before, uninterrupted on three or four hours to get the snow and ice thickness data. The slim's Cao, no small challenge.

Ocean University of China School of marine and atmospheric teacher Cao: it is very exhausting, after I was done 5 ice station, called the weight, lost six pounds, is a good way to lose weight, because not only is heavy, you're walking in the snow, constantly sweating, is a very big physical consumption.

Hard working environment, work task, but Cao never back down, she was like a "woman and man", always in the forefront.

Ocean University of marine and atmosphere College teachers Cao: some teacher with I with Shang ice station, is several stations down zhihou, he are not know that people is I, in ice station of when, cover of special tight, whole of sunglasses, and mask, is put himself all package up, from size see, on compared is a was short of people, didn't thought is a female of.

As with all mothers in the world, Cao to the Sea this time, was most concerned about, and her 9-year old son mark. In 78 days of absence, she only played three times with his son overseas calls.

Ocean University of China School of marine and atmospheric teacher Cao: sometimes, the heart will be suspended, would have wanted to, children are not sick or something, when I heard the sound, is the heart down, but hung up the phone after, tears will flow, and then secretly depressed, and that a new round of Miss.

Cao son mark: (if my mother said to my mother? ) Is not, (why? ) I'm sorry, (came back to what MOM? ) Give MOM a hug.

Out East, across the Bering Strait, wearing, into the ice floes in the Arctic area ... ... Facing the wind and the cold of the Arctic, surge, ice floe, Cao and study team members, experience a variety of ordeal, made one by one in the Arctic, a proud Chinese data.

Ocean University of China School of marine and atmospheric teacher Cao: you have passed this time, did not stop I have to explore the Arctic, South of an idea is given the chance, would like to once again set foot on the ice, no matter is the North Pole or the South Pole, all want to take a look, go to the hands-on.

News excerpt from: http://static.qtvnews.com/qddst/Ocean/54354.shtml?from=singlemessage&isappinstalled=0

Translated By Machine.

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