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First national sample-sharing platform-building seminar
Published at: 2017-03-02     Visited: 114


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Wang Ruidan, Deputy Director of speech

Wang Xiaoquan, Deputy Director of speech

General Assembly site

February 23-24th, specimens of a two-day first session of the national resource sharing platform-building workshop was held in the Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences. This meeting chaired by the national sample-sharing platform sponsored by the Institute of Botany, specimens of national resource sharing platform Office contractor. Ministry of science and technology and Lu Fan Wang Ruidan, Deputy Director of the national science and technology basic conditions platform Director, Institute of science and technology for development, Tian Yongsheng, Deputy Director, Wang Xiaoquan, Deputy Director of the Institute of Botany (Chair) and Yang Xiuhong Director of technology, attended the opening ceremony.

Wang Ruidan Deputy Director representative Technology Department national technology based conditions platform Center Mr, certainly has national specimens resources platform has made of achievements, and to participants introduced has technology based conditions platform Center will on platform grading dynamic management and open development platform of new thought; Tian Yongsheng Deputy Director recalled has China specimens resources digital of development course, stressed specimens resources digital on science development and national strategy of important role. Wang Xiaoquan, Deputy Director stressed that is a research voucher specimens and resources specimens recorded information environment climate change, formed after the digital sharing of specimens specimens of large data. Through analysis of high-tech data to provide users with more convenient services. Specimen collection is a large technology project save and share work, not only for the contemporary scientific research and technical services, and even our very important treasure for future generations. Hope that we work together, in a more efficient development of specimens digitized. Wang Xiaoquan, Deputy Director launched a national sample resource sharing platform for new pages, specimens of national resource sharing platform is officially released new versions of a Web page ( http://www.NSII.org.CN ). From relevant research institutes, colleges and universities, museums, herbaria, 88 units of more than 190 people attended the meeting. Conference platform shared by the national sample Ma Keping, head researcher of the project.

Ma Keping specimens, a researcher at digital advances thrust with specimens of national resource sharing platform for reporting, tanhaining Associate Professor, Chen, Professor He Xingjin, Li diqiang, a researcher at researcher, Professor He Mingyue, Zhang Jie's engineers and other reports for the General Assembly, respectively on the herbarium specimens, stuffed animals, teaching, nature reserve samples, rock and mineral specimens and the present and future of a landmark book platform, made a presentation.

The seminar is divided into two topics, three breakout sessions, there were 29 speakers introduced the biological and geological specimens digital, and related techniques and other aspects of recent developments show scholars thinking on the specimen and its application of digital achievements and contributions.

To encourage more participation in our samples to digital processes, arranged a morning seminar, Panel specimens encountered in digital issues and directions for future development. This session, three breakout warm atmosphere, participants proposed a number of specific and targeted recommendations.

In the internal meeting, flora, fauna, nature reserves, teaching, rocks and minerals and head of a landmark platform introduces the development vision and priorities, 13 experts to express their views and put forward constructive views and recommendations, as each platform should consider the long-term development objectives and planning, improve the user experience of the Web site, in the data increases while improving the quality of data, and so on.

Finally, Ma Keping researchers put forward five-point proposal: first, we propose six platform do a slightly longer term planning, understand what development goals, how to plan, how to do? Second, the specific nature of the platform. Ma Keping researcher said profit-making nature of the platforms not specimens, specimens of platform's role is to promote scientific development, scientific research, teaching, and science is the focus, but its core is the taxonomy and geography. Thirdly, taking into account the integrity of the data. Not just staring at the specimen, list, document, color photos, and equally important, to ensure that the integrity of the data; IV, establishing the concept of resource sharing. Platform is an organization, cannot become a barrier to sharing resources. Should strengthen exchanges between platforms, including technology sharing and working together to promote resource sharing; Finally, openness of the project management. To attract more people to participate in projects, and establish win-win platform development models. The seminar, expected results have been achieved.

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