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KOPRI Asian Polar Science Fellowship Program 2017
Published at: 2017-02-27     Visited: 142


The following article by Microsoft automatic machine translation.

We are pleased to announce that the Korea Polar Research Institute (KOPRI) is now accepting applications for the Asian Polar Science Fellowship Program 2017.

The fellowship program is designed to promote Asian research collaboration in an attempt to provide future generation polar researchers with networking opportunities. It also encourages both early-career and already established polar scientists to actively engage in polar research, and provides them with the opportunity to utilize KOPRI's expanding infrastructure and capacity.

Please refer to the attached announcement for further details of the program.

* For any query or submission of the application, please contact fellowship@kopri.re.kr cc: cjung@kopri.re.kr, sunhwikim@kopri.re.kr

* Application deadline: March 17th, 2017

News excerpt from:http://eng.kopri.re.kr/home_e/contents/e_6000000/userBbs/bbsView.do?bbs_cd_n=36&bbs_seq_n=23

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