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Do not love to be an official research Antarctic meteorite Gallery is not generally
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The following article by Microsoft automatic machine translation.

When the 2009 Antarctic expedition, Miao Bingkui found a large meteorite.

In 2002, the Miao Bingkui in Antarctica field rest en route, in front of a piece of ice. Work here is in crisis.

Across into a small conference room at the Office, Miao Bingkui (middle) and student discussion.

Miao Bingkui is a legendary person. He went to the South Pole three times, and collected a large number of meteorites in order to feel at ease to do research, he resigned from the Guilin University duties of the Deputy Dean of the school of Earth Sciences than in the pulpit classes, he preferred to organize students to research-type learning. Excellent Communist Party member of the autonomous region, Antarctic meteorite collection Award for outstanding contribution, eighth of Guangxi youth technology award ... ... The honor to witness his amazing life


Personality education

Students in research learning

2:30 P.M. November 17, when reporters came to the Office of the Miao Bingkui, he was communicating with several students in a small conference room. A student through the PPT, to introduce their own "research", Miao Bingkui from time to time to ask questions and give suggestions.

"Sub New has found a piece of moon rocks, I've got some data, let the students do research. "Miao Bingkui teaching are personalized, than lectures on the platform, he preferred the small discussion. He called the research-oriented learning mode. "No amount of knowledge, will not do so, it was a bookworm. "Miao Bingkui wished to teach students how to research methods, with limited knowledge, to solve the problem of infinite.

Not long ago, Miao Bingkui moved to new offices in he designed. In a large Office, with transparent glass divided into 3 rooms: a small conference room in the Middle, next to a Miao Bingkui is his Office, another was his doctoral and postdoctoral Office, "students can see the status of my work, there is something we can discuss in the Conference room."

Miao Bingkui Office, have a big shelf, filled with Earth, planetary, and above meteorite-related reference books. Only one exception, stocked with books and books related to the construction of party conduct of party members, and placed in a conspicuous position.

In addition to the undergraduate school, Miao Bingkui with 9 graduate students, doctoral candidate at 3 and 1 postdoctoral fellow. "Work", "serious and responsible" are students consistent evaluation of him. Zhang Chuantong from Miao Bingkui, read from the master to the Ph. Zhang Chuantong said he handed in their essays, mentor changes back and forth 10 times. "Initially change much, some do not understand, get by on the line", but with Mrs Miu research long, Zhang Chuantong, I was very fortunate to develop a critical attitude toward learning.


Not official

Prefer to do research

In 2015, the Miao Bingkui resigned Guilin University Associate Dean of the school of Earth Sciences, classmates, colleagues did not understand, "such a good platform, and why not? ”

"I just wanted to spend more time and do the things you like to do. "Following mass values had gone a little" learning gaining stature "after my Miao Bingkui began to rethink what they want. Once Miao Bingkui chats with an academician in the field, after the academicians asked him to be Vice President, the proportion of time allocated for administrative and scientific, he said, "administrative time is 100%", academician thought he was joking, but it is a true reflection of his work.

Trivial administrative work and complex, you need to spend a lot of time and effort, every day there are large and small. Miao Bingkui within 8 hours of working time, cannot be distracted doing scientific research, only at night and on weekends and holidays, study subjects of interest, busy into the wee hours when two or three every day.

Repeated measure after Miao Bingkui feel more like doing research. Today, Miao Bingkui is the school's head of Cosmochemistry and Planetary Sciences academician workstation, on November 12 this year, the school Center for meteorites and planetary material listed, he served as Director of the post. Every day there are still busy to finish the thing, but he enjoyed, "do your own thing, will be more fulfilling."


Buyer beware "stone"

Three Antarctic collected a large number of meteorites

About Miao Bingkui, naturally had to mention him three times to participate in special experiences of the Antarctic expedition. In 2002, the Miao Bingkui participate in Grove mountains, visit the 19th Chinese Antarctic scientific expedition team, one of 797 meteorites collected in 2009, as the representative of China, participate in the United States's 26th Antarctic expedition, in which he found two pieces of Lunar meteorites, but according to international practice the meteorite belongs to the United States in 2013, he attended the 30th Antarctic expedition, as captain and his teammates collected 583 meteorites.

Chinese Antarctic expedition team 7 investigation in Grove mountains, Antarctica meteorite collection. Find 4 1998 1999 found 28 2002 Miao Bingkui first Antarctic expedition, one will find 797 meteorites. A lot of people envy Miao Bingkui, considered him "good luck", but he himself did not see it this way, "behind the success of a lot of hardships to pay."

In fact, in 2002, validated the Chinese Antarctic scientific, 15 days before the 8 team found only 45 meteorites. "Why did Japan scientific expedition to the South Pole, can find more than more than 4,000 pieces of meteorites? "Day at the South Pole, Miao Bingkui pondered. To find the meteorite-rich region, he alone goes too far, who accidentally fell into a 60 cm wide ice cracks, but used his elbows on both ends of the ice, by digging a little climb up.

After escaping from the ice cracks, Miao Bingkui rethink, not just brute force. Will there be a lot of meteorites, because natural weathering and let them change the shape, appearance is not obvious? As it happens, he found one of the stones and common stones a difference, observed with a magnifying glass, material structure and meteorites are like. "Could it be that everyone longs for meteorites? "Miao Bingkui presented to fellow team-mates in the heart of ...

"Are you meteorites like crazy! "Teammates half jokingly make fun of him. At that time, scientific personnel understanding of the meteorite, also confined to the classic appearance of meteorites: usually a layer of glassy appearance black fusion crust, good gloss on the surface. Miao Bingkui said such stones, everywhere in Grove mountains, outside there is no fusion crust. Teammates joked that if this is a meteorite, "a car pulled back."

If not a meteorite, what is this stone? Love seriously Miao Bingkui insisted on that. He went to field more than more than 10 stone the size of a pigeon egg class, closer. From a complete meteorite fusion crust, half off fusion crust of rock, and then to the fusion crust completely detached stone. A week later, Miao Bingkui maintained that it was a meteorite. His expedition made a report to convince each Member of the team. Less than a week, the players will pick up the more than more than 1000 pieces of meteorites.

This year, Miao Bingkui got "Thirteen-Five" Antarctic base planning, special projects, and began planning a new trip to the South Pole.

Translated By Machine.

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