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Antarctic meteorite research has expanded steadily, "meteorites and planetary materials research center" becomes an important member
Published at: 2016-11-16     Visited: 59


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Ouyang Ziyuan, academician of (right), academician He Jishan (second from left), Professor Jie Qinglin (second from right), Professor Xiong Bin (left) inaugurated

Since November 2011 national sample of national science and technology basic conditions platform platform (NSII) one of the samples of polar resources sharing platform (BIRDS) was the first since establishment of the Ministry of science and technology, China in the North and South Pole regions studied precious specimen and sample sharing and service work order. Good news from the November 12, 2016, BIRDS----Guilin University units participated in Antarctic meteorites "" meteorites and planetary materials research center "(hereinafter the" meteorite ") in Guilin University of yifu building, building of Yanshan campus officially inaugurated.

Professor Miao Bingkui (right), to introduce basic meteorite Center

Deep space exploration as the "Thirteen-Five" one of the key planning, is supported by the State and development direction of science. Guilin University since 2004, has been engaged in basic research in the Antarctic meteorites, tried 3 times to send staff to participate in Grove mountains, Antarctica meteorite collection, and made important contribution to the search for Antarctic meteorites in China. Guilin Polytechnic University since 2011 bear BIRDS Antarctic meteorite library of classification international named task, total completed 750 block meteorite of classification named research work, as November 2016, BIRDS total released has 3175 block get international "id" of Antarctic meteorite samples information, from which found has including Mars meteorite, and olive Hui no ball grain meteorite, and carbon quality ball grain meteorite, and iron meteorite and so on type, for China meteorite samples of shared and research lay has important based.

Inauguration ceremony of the center of the meteorite community attention, experts attending the inauguration ceremony included Ouyang Ziyuan, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, He Jishan, academician of Chinese Academy of engineering, Institute of geochemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences Professor Liu Jianzhong, Guilin University of technology Professor Jie Qinglin, President. Meteorite Centre will lead to meteorites and planetary science is more professional and systematic, and will help to build and improve BIRDS research specimens, samples and data processing, saving and sharing system for Antarctic meteorites in China to lay a solid foundation for future development .

Opening ceremony participants photos

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