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The 16th Annual Symposium on the Moon
Published at: 2016-10-30     Visited: 78


The following article by Microsoft automatic machine translation.

Annex is planned next year 4 18-21 Day academic conference, first held in Xian notifications.

Conference total 20 Themes, which 19 A theme " The formation and evolution of the Moon New knowledge base Yu Change works ”。 Chinese Lunar Exploration Program will be implemented next year Lunar sample collection and return, return lunar samples is the science of Mineralogy and Petrology-geochemistry Institute of the professional context, but colleagues in the field of meteoritics and planetary science responsibilities and opportunities. Before the Lunar sample return, hoping to use the opportunity of the annual, discuss scientific questions about the Moon, and return samples of research projects, and ensure the achievement of Chinese Lunar Exploration Program scientific goals.

16th annual first notification. PDF

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