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Polar exploration of China--the polar sample shared Sub platform debut "Twelve-Five" scientific and technological innovation achievements
Published at: 2016-07-07     Visited: 61


The following article by Microsoft automatic machine translation.

June 1, 2016 – June 7, by the Ministry of science and technology, development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of finance and the development of military equipment organized "Twelve-Five" scientific and technological innovation achievements fair held at the Beijing Exhibition Center. The exhibition entitled "innovation-driven development, science and technology leading the future" as the theme, divided into ten areas showed "Twelve-Five" since the innovation of science and technology achievements. Exhibitions both basic and strategic high-tech research achievements, and is closely related to people's livelihood. Polar exploration of China were invited to the exhibition, including specimens of Arctic resources sharing platform, a part of the exhibition highlights through the polar environment integrated observing system and high-tech research results show, and Antarctic video link, lively and comprehensive picture, glaciers, oceans of space physics, astronomy, sample information based on cutting edge scientific research has made a significant breakthrough. National leaders, guests and spectators a total of more than 300 people and Antarctic video link, nearly 800 people visited the booth.

During the exhibition, CPPCC Chairman Yu zhengsheng, Secretary of the Central Commission for discipline inspection, Wang Qishan, Vice Premier of the State Council Liu yandong, State leaders have come to booth polar exploration results, via video link from solicitude stand at Antarctic wintering expedition team on the ground, and encourage people to create better results in the area of polar research. Yu zhengsheng, Chairman of the phrase "home? "Lit the players nostalgic mood, more inspired player 's determination to accomplish research tasks. Wang Qishan, Secretary of fun and say hello to the players: "do you know me? "Team members answered in unison," know, Secretary of the King well. "He expressed his dream to go to the South Pole. Liu yandong on 2012, Deputy Prime Minister visiting the Antarctic great wall station inspections sympathies still fresh, asking players now of concern to not eat fresh vegetables, players adhere to polar scientific research have expressed respect for a long time.

Coincides with the "tech"--the national technology innovation Conference, academicians of the General Assembly, the Nineth Party Congress of the Association held in Beijing of China. National Conference on technological innovation, China Association for science and technology the Nineth Party Congress delegates and news media also have to visit the booth of polar exploration results at all levels, working and living conditions of the concerned Member. Station players for national leadership and the support and concern of the community, to the leaders and delegates reported on the station running, safety inspections, scientific observations and life circumstances, and picking fresh vegetables were shown in the video. Players introduction, with support from the Ministry of science and technology support program, built the world's first Antarctic great wall station of greenhouse vegetables, Sun room, Zhongshan station also cultivate green cucumbers, cabbage, lettuce, parsley, leek, lettuce, radishes and green onions and such, basic guarantee for players during the winter eating fresh vegetables every day. Station communications significantly improved, with a new generation of satellite communication technology, implements two Antarctic stations doubling bandwidth, players have been able to use in the Antarctic 3G phones in China and domestic communications.

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